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Why consider sponsoring Summit sales training seminars for your producers

Agents and brokers are looking for high quality, relevant, industry specific sales training…

• You can provide it and be a hero to agency principals & sales managers!

Agents and brokers aren’t quoting and writing as much business as you’d like…

• Value-added programs like this get agents thinking about you more often!

• These programs help producers recognize, qualify, and seize business opportunities!

• Help agents sell value, your financial rating, and better handle the price objection!

• Help get agents out of the uncompensated proposal writing business, and free up UW time!

• Improve an agent’s “quote to close” ratio and everyone wins!

The economy makes it tough for agents to get “new/new” business, people are sitting tight…

• Some of that is real, much of it is a reflection of low activity and weak selling skills!

• Everyone asks for a book roll, how many truly partner with the agency for true growth?

Other carriers have representatives visiting with producers and principals regularly…

• What higher priority than building relationships with those that determine your success, strengthening your sales/distribution network, increasing agent loyalty to you, and leveraging your time by having 20-30 customers all in one place at one time!

• Mix in some value added training with the donut box visit and the agent lunch meeting!

Your costs associated with sponsorship are minimal, your return is high…

• You can choose to fully sponsor or partially sponsor/subsidize a program. You send a cover letter (that Summit creates for you) to your agency plant along with promotional material that Summit provides. Summit handles the logistical aspects of registration, setting up the meeting, fielding the questions about the program, and the seminar itself. You and your people promote the program as appropriate, in the normal course of interacting with, and doing business with the agencies and brokers in your region. You focus on promoting the seminar where it makes sense, for instance to agents that have previously expressed an interest in sales training, or to owners/key managers who are interested in increasing their new business (organic growth), and have either new producers, or veteran producers who have “hit a wall” and stagnated and are sitting on a diminishing book.

• This is another of the value-added reasons producers do business with you!

• You are increasing your visibility within your agency plant in a very leveraged manner!

• You are positioning your insurance company as a partner in their business by offering a program directly relevant to one of the highest priorities for an agency survival in today’s environment – sales! Another reason encouraging them to make you their go-to market!

• Your people can kick off the training session, audit the session to reinforce your commitment to learning and growth, and wrap up the session with final remarks. Truly a unique opportunity.

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