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Summit offers a variety of programs for producers. The low cost, public seminars range from week long “boot camps” (link below) for beginners or veterans who want to refresh themselves, and validate that they are engaging in all the best practices to a two day program for producers with some level of understanding of insurance production (many attendees have significant experience and success selling) to the most advanced half day session for high achievers who want to get beyond whatever production “wall” they’ve hit. These programs are offered frequently, and cities all over the US and Canada. Pick one nearby, or make a trip out of it, and tie in a sales call, or a mini getaway to an interesting city of your choice (see schedule/cities link). If you are a producer who wears multiple hats, one hat selling, and the other hat management of other producers or CSRs with some level of sales responsibilities, the sales management course (link below) may appeal to you. There are many options for a nominal investment. Group discounts for 3 or more producers are available.

The sales profession is an interesting one. Most people who end up in sales never intended to be there. Those that did intend to be in sales likely had some strong, positive role models in their lives, and understand the following better than most. Just about any other profession, or trade, there is a whole lot of formal education required and available, and often some form of apprenticeship, and likely a lot of pre-job or on-the-job training available. In sales, alternatively, you get a phone number, business cards, maybe a small amount of coaching, a book or CD on selling, and off you go – you are supposed to be a successful sales professional. Producers attending our seminars are constantly asking for a recommended reading list, or CDs, podcasts, eBooks, or other tools they might take advantage of to continue learning, and to get an edge. After mentioning our products we suggest that they read as many books as practical on the topic. Starting out, read a book per month (or more!). Ask other producers, or sales masters from other industries what the most meaningful book, or learning experience has been for them – and go get it. Professional selling is not complex, but it is by no means is it easy. Successful professionals know that a blend of art and science goes into selling, and individual style, personal interests, self confidence, a strong work ethic, a high degree of personal integrity, and a drive and desire to be successful all must be mixed in to make an effective sales professional. We believe that the notion that if you are not a “born” salesperson is a useless myth. There is a systematic manner in which to go about gathering qualified leads, getting a meeting or presentation scheduled with a potential client, navigating through the sales process, handling and overcoming objections, and closing the deal. From a more macro perspective, there is a systematic manner in which one can manage their contacts, target appropriate leads, and manage one’s own sales efforts – back to that blend of art and science. When challenged as to how many hours most producers have really invested in themselves, genuinely trying to understand the mechanics of selling, finding the best practices from the insurance industry, and pulling successful techniques from other industries and integrating those techniques into their own behavior…the answer is generally a handful of hours, maybe a few days. We challenge you to invest in yourself – and find the things, like Summit programs, that give you a return on that investment.


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