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Servicing professionals have many titles, the default title in this industry generally Customer Service Representative, or CSR. For simplicity sake, we will refer to the servicing position as a CSR, but those job descriptions have a huge range. Some individuals have marketing responsibilities, some have sales goals, and/or cross selling goals or targets as part of their jobs. Some attend sales calls and account reviews, others are simply reactive to incoming customer calls with questions and issues, and respond to those customer needs by guiding them to the answers they require, and often times educating those customers along the way. Some manage small accounts, or “select” customer business, some are dedicated to one line of business, and others service commercial, personal lines, life and benefits business. The common thread is the CSR’s link to retaining customers, and treating them to a professional response to their inquiries, and to as positive an experience as can be had, even if the motivating issue for the customer’s call is a problem issue. Retention is critical for any business, and retention for an insurance agency, or broker is its lifeblood.

The main offering for CSRs is a one-day seminar called Summit CSR Selling© “Cross selling, account rounding, generating leads." That session is offered publically, in a one day seminar form, or in house with just your servicing team – on a slightly more customized basis to the type of actual job, and selling you do. The CSR is the anchor of an agency. You are there most days, all day, and are generally far easier for customers to reach than producers who are always on the go. Figuring out how you can be the best CSR you can be, determining what the maximum contribution is that you can make, clarifying your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and problem areas – is a key responsibility that you, and your immediate manager own. The challenge for most is breaking away from the “fire of the day” because the in-box is rarely empty, so finding that time to make an investment is a challenge.

All Summit programs encourage people to think like owners, and become their own best self-managers. By doing this you gain security in your job, as you evolve beyond just punching a clock, and a union mentality toward your job, to really investing yourself and your mind in your operation, and with your team. If you are challenging yourself to add the most value that you can, if you are challenging yourself to be a positive force, and a positive resource to the people around you, if you taking accountability for your own development, you shift in your career from a potentially interchangeable “human resource” to a critical member of a team, and by that shift in thinking you are better securing your own future, or putting your agency or broker on more secure footing, because you are now a real contributor. This is not to say you haven’t been contributing along the way with what you have been doing, and how you have been operating so far in your career.

The mentality of “I will just do just the job I was hired for, and won’t push myself to grow and go beyond that unless forced to” cuts across every profession, and almost every job function. If you think about it, the question you might ask yourself may not even be how you can make more of a contribution, or what development areas you may have – it may be more along the lines of gaining comfort with aspects of your job that make you a bit uncomfortable. That’s were our training and development comes in. We bring you into a non-threatening learning environment, and through that activity we work to increase your comfort level, and share with you ways of looking at the way you have been doing things that may not have been brought to your attention in the past. We challenge you to invest in yourself, and your career, and encourage your manager to do the same!

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