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You are running a unique business, with a unique set of challenges. You face a challenging economy, you have faced heavy competition from the day you started in the industry, your carriers are all over the map with their ever changing appetites and personnel (or in some cases won’t swap out personnel that they need to!), knee jerk reactions and abrupt strategy changes based on things completely out of your control, like their performance in regulatory audits, some of their investment decisions, or some of the underwriting choices they have made (not to mention the issues with their financial ratings and general stability). You are also faced with an ever more sophisticated and savvy customer/buyer, who understands risk management and insurance issues and recognizes the competitor landscape you face. That same customer, or prospective customer, has their own set of issues with respect to their own business, their personnel, their top line revenue and their bottom line profits. They have their own business to run in addition to having been forced to learn more than they ever wanted to about insurance.

Today’s agency owner typically has some producers who really require time, direction, coaching and observation – but you have strategic, operational, customer and carriers issues to deal with, and hiring a sales manager who only manages, and doesn’t produce, is a lot of additional overhead. And those that you’ve designated in the past, the top producers who want more responsibility, either don’t have the skill set to coach, or always default to production, and never have the time to develop staff. You have great CSRs, who have been with you for years, and do a fantastic job of selling, but the mere suggestion of cross selling, or account rounding, or doing anything that isn’t service work makes them uncomfortable, or worse! And after all that, you drive home every night and say, “how did I get such a great job, how did I get so lucky?” What a great business to be in – most of the time.

This is a great business – and the niche that Summit has found in this business is as a resource to you, and a place for you to outsource short term projects, initiatives, challenges and opportunities. Our clients hire us for a project, and for a finite amount of time (finite investment) – and we blend into their team for a period, help them bridge a gap and internalize new competencies. You don’t have to hire another full time, dedicated person to pay and manage – you get a far more experienced person than you would likely be able to hire, and for a fraction of the investment.

Summit has training programs that are offered in a public setting, and in an “in-house” setting, where they can be customized to your staff, your culture, your challenges and your opportunities. Attend, or send someone to one or several of our seminars to see if it is relevant to your situation. The cost is low, and the time investment will be well worth it. They will come back with new ideas and approaches, and a renewed understanding of best practices for agents and brokers. After that, you and they can figure out if it makes sense to send more people to different seminars in your city, or elsewhere, or to customize one of the programs and bring it in-house.

Learn about our consulting approach and programs by linking off to the consulting section of our website, by calling or emailing us, or by allowing us to get in touch with you. A conversation with us is free, but the result of that conversation could be a very positive evolutionary step for you and your agency. We would appreciate hearing from you, and you are likely to pick up some ideas from just talking with our consultants.

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