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Summit Management Consulting Group:
Summit Sales Boot CampŠ “Sales 101 – The foundation for sales success”

Course Overview:

This is a highly interactive, in depth overview of all aspects of successful insurance sales and production. This very complete course is taken from the best practices of the true sales masters in the business, and helps participants understand those practices and techniques which in turn shortens their learning curve (they learn in a classroom vs. out in front of prospects), and helps your newer producers achieve the sales results that you and they expect – quicker! Producers are provided with the information and tools that give the top producers their competitive edge, and then participants have an opportunity to practice and get feedback on their performance. The program covers basic, intermediate, and advanced insurance selling concepts. It allows ample opportunity to practice and develop the skills that will help them become more effective at selling (new and renewal), building and then growing their book. Industry specific cases, exercises, and examples are used. Pre-work, post work, and participation in role plays, as well as some evening work is required. New producers, producers who have not yet validated, and veterans who want a comprehensive refresher are welcome.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Profile of a high performing producer, effective prospecting and qualifying, setting the appointment, opening the call, establishing rapport, conducting an effective needs analysis, overcoming objections, differentiating your sales offer, introduction to cases and role plays.

Day 2: Positioning yourself as a trusted advisor, advanced presentation techniques, identifying hot buttons and buying signals, closing the sale and gaining commitment, effective time management tools and techniques, sales cases – role play and exercises.

Day 3: Generating more referral business, building your network, how to effectively network, target/niche marketing, leveraging your competitive edge, unseating incumbent agent relationships and protecting your own, sales cases – role plan and exercises.

Day 4: Applying effective sales management strategies to your own sales activities, creating a winning sales plan (plan started in class), developing program business capability, conducting effective stewardship meetings, performance assessment and individual needs analysis, cases and exercises.


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