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Summit Professional Selling© “Building a book of business”

Summit Professional Selling© is a comprehensive, two day course for producers interested a practical, clear and concise roadmap to effective and efficient selling. The course generally has a wide range of participants, from 1-3 year producers to 20+ year veterans. The newer entrants into the world of selling insurance tend to be looking for a roadmap, and a clear and proven methodology to sales success. The more experienced individuals are looking for a refresher, to validate their ideas and practices, and for a few new pointers. There is generally a great deal of positive interaction from this range of experience, and producers across the board consistently give this course very high marks. As you can see from the outline, the course covers selling from “A” to “Z.” The program is fast paced, highly interactive, and sends producers back to their world armed with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a renewed sense of the importance of their job, and doing it well.


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