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Testimonials & Results

“Your sales seminars have worked wonders! Since the two seminars you ran for our staff, we have seen sales increase dramatically. In addition, the morale and attitude of our sales people is greatly improved. As you are aware, one member of the team felt that he did not need any sales training. As the morning progressed, he found himself getting involved and analyzing the way he had been making his sales presentations. The very next day he went on an appointment and used your techniques…The agency principal used your closing techniques to secure a grocery store account the next day at lunch, and he credits you. Its great to have you as a resource, thanks!”

- AVP, Multi-office regional agency, New England


“Thank you for facilitating our sales seminar last week. I have received many thanks and positive comments from our producers who were truly appreciative of the seminar. Your jump shot is not bad either. I’m looking forward to your follow up session here in our office.”

- President, Los Angeles area agency


“Rich, the sales training seminar I attended was exceptional. As a suggestion to anyone in the industry, who wants to develop their selling skills & tools – attend this two day (Summit Professional Selling) program. If you do not, you have missed a rare opportunity. This is industry specific, intensive, and a professional environment that allows those in attendance to benefit from peer evaluation and a very constructive criticism of what you do and how to do it better. Looking forward to attending your advanced selling skills seminar.”

- Owner/primary producer, Greater DC agency


“Your recent sales seminar was informative, enjoyable, and useful. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.”

- Commercial Producer, Louisville, KY


“I want pass along some excellent feedback I recently received from my agents on some activities our regional office sponsored. We had him working with (a local office of a national broker) on growing some program business. (Rich was) very thorough in his analysis of the organizational structure, automation needs, sales management, promotion plan and workflows/procedures….and all that led to some significant positive changes n the way our broker handles that account. In addition, Rich conducted a sales training seminar for our local agents, and the feedback was very favorable. Just a note to let you know the value added partnering with Rich was for this office, and our agency plant.”

- Internal carrier memo suggesting more GM/RVPs take advantage of Rich and his programs from a regional vice president regarding a carrier sponsored consulting engagement as well as carrier subsidized training for producers in the territory, Midwestern regional office of large national carrier


“Thank you for introducing sales training to my (underwriting call center) staff. I thought is was not typical, very effective, and overall excellent! The personal experience and stories added much value.”

- Underwriting call center manager, large domestic carrier, Southeast U.S.


“As you may remember, we offered commercial lines producer sales training this past March to our appointed agents in this region recently. The registrations came in so quickly for the seminar we were forced to close off registration and schedule a second session. I am pleased to announce another session. Feedback on the first seminar was extremely positive, and attendees rated the seminar 4.52 on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 = excellent and 1 = lowest rating). Participants in the first session ranged in sales experience of a few weeks to over thirty years selling insurance. They were agency owners and principals, sales managers, producers, and commercial lines servicing agents. They represented independent agents, both small and large, as well as national brokers. The diversity and experience of the group truly added to the overall experience of the participants. I encourage you to seriously consider this powerful seminar for your commercial producers.”

- Letter from Commercial Lines Sales Manager regarding the scheduling of a second company sponsored (subsidized for appointed agents) seminar for his agency plant, Texas region


“We (large national carrier) offered a commercial producer sales training to our agents. For those who attended, you know this was worthwhile, useful and practical. The instructor brought knowledge, experience and ideas to the table. Rich presents a practical approach; one that you could relate to and understand without delving into complex theory. It makes sense and was immediately useable. There is a cost to the seminar, but it is well worth it, and the payback is immediate.”

- Commercial Sales Manager, Large National Carrier, New York


“Excellent seminar! I found it to be practical and applicable to the “real world” of sales.”

- Commercial Account Representative, PA


“Thanks for an outstanding presentation to our members. I enjoyed and beneffitted from your fresh approach, now we just have to put into effect the changes you suggest!”

- New England Regional officer, National Association for Professional Saleswomen


“Thank you for an excellent selling skills presentation. You were inspiring, informative and motivating and I truly enjoyed your class. Over the weekend I went to the library and checked out the books and tapes you suggested in the seminar. I also took time to review my notes and set some concrete goals and objectives for myself. Although I am just beginning my sales career, your thoughts and ideas have given me a confident starting point and I am certain that I will be successful if I follow the path that you have shown me. P.S. – as I was making a prospecting call yesterday, I came across the objection “I’m happy with my agent, I’ve been with them for forty years” and thanks to your course, I was able to overcome this objection and get the appointment.”

- New Producer, large regional agency, Chicago

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