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Growing producers, providing those with an open mind and willing to learn with ideas, techniques and strategies to build their book and retain their clients, is one of Summit’s primary focal points. Experienced producers, with a solid book of business and high retention levels will find as much “food for thought” in Summit programs and services as a new producer who is just starting out in the business. Let’s face it; producers are the lifeblood of an agency.

The interesting paradox is that not much support exists at the vast majority of agencies in terms of sales management, sales training, or direction and guidance. Agencies have ruled out sales management as unnecessary “overhead,” or if they do have someone who wears the sales management “hat” that individual is either consumed with their own production responsibilities, or are ineffective as a teacher and mentor.

That is a big challenge and you are in a position of essentially running your own business within the structure of your agency. You determine what you do, how you do it, what business you go after, what continuing education you participate in, what your formal or informal sales plan is, and how you invest your time and energy each day. Check out the various Summit programs, and learn the secrets of high performing producers.

Summit Seminars Offering:

Summit Professional Selling
“Building a Book of Business” >

Summit Advanced Selling
“Growing Your Book” >

Summit Sales Boot Camp
“Sales 101 – The Foundation For Sales Success” >

Summit CSR Selling
“Cross Selling, Account Rounding, Generating Leads” >

Summit Sales Management
“Building a Sales Organization” >

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