Summit Management Consulting Group:

Our Consulting Approach

Simply put, we help you develop your business from what it is, to what it can be. Whether that development involves business planning, the design and structure of your business, fine tuning business or personnel management skills, improving your workflow and systems, or the ever important development of new business and retention strategies – we have a program for you.

Our in-house consulting services take many forms, all customized to our clients’ goals, and tailored to our clients’ organization, structure, and culture. We help you identify the strengths you have available to leverage, the areas where weakness or gaps exist, and together we build a clear, measureable, results oriented engagement plan. Our approach involves guiding, directing, teaching and transferring our expertise to you and your staff, allowing you to acquire and build the necessary skills and competencies so that you are not endlessly dependant on an external entity to complete your team. We are respectful of the fact that this is your business, your vision, and your livelihood. Rather than come in and tell you what to do, we spend time asking questions and listening, in an effort to really understand what you’ve built, and where you are trying to get to with your business. We’ve seen hundreds of other models, and lots of different strategies and approaches, and we present those to you for consideration if and when it makes sense for you, and only if it is in line with where you tell us you want to take your business.

Profitable growth and business sustainability are themes in all of our programs. We deal with your opportunities and challenges, and help you develop the right strategies. Together we create the necessary framework and structure, and build the appropriate systems and procedures that allow positive changes to last, and position you and your staff to achieve greater business success. Summit consulting programs are negotiated on a project basis, and fee/investment is determined by the nature and time involved in the project.

Consulting programs & services

Basic Business Plan Development

Strategy & Management Plans & Systems

Sales Management and Selling Skills Development

- Building a true sales culture in your organization

- Recruiting, hiring and retaining top sales talent

- Developing new producers into successful, professional salespeople

- Moving experienced producers beyond stagnation, walls & barriers

- Helping CSRs get comfortable cross selling, account rounding & generating leads

- Strategies to unseat competitors, grow your customer base, and increase retention levels

Merger & Acquisition assistance

- Identification of acquisition targets & due diligence programs

- Finding buyers/sellers, post acquisition integration of people/systems/cultures

Efficiency & Business Design Programs

- Operational business architecture & business process management guidance

- Cost control/expense savings programs

- Off-shoring strategies & methodology and leverage a global playing field*

* Approach allows you to keep strong staff, retain the right players, and release deadwood

- Business model refining or creation, staffing & functional alignment

- Organizational structure and design

Succession Planning

Business Continuity Planning

“In times of immense change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to manage a world that no longer exists.” - Eric Hoffer


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