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Summit Management Consulting Group:
Grow the Book Sales Management© Standard & Hybrid Programs

These programs are unique and highly customized programs. The “Grow the Book Sales Management©” (GTB) is, in a sense, a partnership between Summit and your agency or broker. It is not widely offered, and will not be offered to your local competitors during the period that you are engaged in the program without your approval. The program is an outsourced sales management program. You get an experienced sales master who is a veteran sales manager integrated into your team. Both the standard and hybrid programs start with a basic two day seminar to get everyone on the same page, get a common language about sales, a common level of clarity about cutting edge, best practices, and allow all the parties to meet. After that, the standard program has a consultant in your office once a month and engaging in phone and email follow up with your producers in between visits. The “hybrid” program has internet/web and phone meetings after the initial two day session, as well as email contact back and forth, and other electronic communication between Summit consultants and your producers.

The way GTB works is during, and shortly after the initial sales seminar, producers decide there is value to them in a program like this, and volunteer to participate – it should not be mandatory, but at times you might be advised by us to do a little arm twisting to get certain producers involved. The program is typically funded by the agency on behalf of the producers. Commercial, Life/Health, Bond, Personal Lines producers, and even CSRs with sales responsibilities have been involved in this program – as have sales management candidates, and the next generation of agency leadership. The goal is simple. Get producers to their 5 year book of business goal in just 2 years. As much as that might seem like a stretch goal, and a bit unrealistic, the reality is in over 50% of the cases with participants we end up telling producers that their 5 year book goal is too low, and they should be shooting higher. The reality for you is that just a few new sales will pay for a program like this for a year. The win-win here is that we get to partner with a finite number of agencies for this program, really get to know your people and get involved in your business for a period, and program restrictions (we generally work with only one agency per state for the standard program) give you piece of mind that you are truly getting an edge over your local competitors. At the end of the day, you get a far more experienced sales manager than you could likely afford, and we’ve got a client that we can really dig into, and make a meaningful and broad impact on the direction and results of their business.


Grow the Book Sales Management© Program Outline

Program Objective:

Help agencies achieve their growth goals by helping them develop their producer sales force and increase the sales orientation of their organizations. Agency owners and managers who are serious about new business sales and retention will discover a perfect fit between this program and those strategic objectives. It provides producers with professional sales training and support on a customized, individualized, ongoing basis. It provides sales managers with the guidance, tools, systems and support to meet the challenges of growing the agency book. It helps them more effectively manage their producers as well as better manage their other priorities.

Producer Objectives:

√ Increase sales results
√ Improve selling skills
√ Work smarter
√ Generate more referrals
√ Build referral network
√ Better target & qualify
√ Shorten sales cycle
√ Build stronger relationships
√ Improve quotes to close ratio

Key Program Components

• Pre-program survey/agency sales & sales management analysis

• Initial sales seminar (SPS – Summit Professional Selling© “Building a book of business”)

• Individual producer meetings, sales effectiveness needs analysis & plan development (1st Month)

• Producer one-on-one coaching meetings (monthly)

• Monitoring & analysis of producer sales activity (ongoing)

• Ongoing producer phone support and individual sales opportunity planning (ongoing)

• Management updates and recommendations (monthly)

Target Audience

This program is geared to producers who are interested and have some drive or motivation to grow their book. Producers who are open to knew ideas, willing to learn and experiment with new ideas and techniques. Producers from the following departments would be appropriate for consideration regarding participation in the program: commercial property and casualty; employee benefits/group/life; bond; and personal lines. Experience levels may range greatly, from new producers starting out in the business and attempting to validate their salary/draw to experienced producers with large, profitable books looking to get beyond barriers. Voluntary participation is preferred.

Program Investment & Financial Commitment

This is individual quoted based on goals, structure and depth of program, number of participants, and frequency of visits. A Summit consultant will be happy to discuss this with you and give you an idea of the investment.


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