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If you wish to complete a credit application for your business, you may:
1. Download a Credit Application (in PDF format)
2. Request an application by calling us at 888-457-7550.

Vendor Programs! TEAM Equipment Leasing is focused on making it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you, again and again!(Equipment Vendors click here)

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Summit Management Consulting Group:
Summit CSR Selling© “Cross selling, account rounding, generating leads”

In today’s environment, successful agencies are those where everyone sells, including CSRs! This seminar addresses the need to help servicing staff make the transition from servicing to identifying sales opportunities and acting on them. It is designed to help them see that they have already developed many of the skills necessary for success in selling. In a non-threatening environment with their peers, they can practice a soft sell, consultative approach and receive feedback on their approach and skills. They will see how to naturally integrate sales into the service call, how to deal with their call reluctance, and free up more time for sales. As a final outcome, they will be more effective sales and service people, accomplishing more in less time, while making a contribution to the agency’s sales effort. This one day seminar is open to servicing professionals of all titles, and all experience ranges.

Course Outline:


"Simply put,
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SUMMIT MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GROUP: Newbury, New Hampshire - T. 603-398-8888