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Summit Management Consulting Group:
Biographical Sketch – Managing Director, Principal Seminar Leader & Lead Consultant

Rich Marshall is the founder, lead consultant, and primary training facilitator for Managing Director of Summit Management Consulting Group, LLC. He specializes in business development strategies for the insurance industry working primarily with agents and brokers to stabilize, organize, and grow their business. Rich has helped hundreds of agency owners over the years organize and fine tune their business, grow their agency book, and hire, retain and develop talent. His consulting activity centers on teaching owners more effective business management skills, and design and implementation of strategic projects and initiatives. His training activity centers on sales and sales management techniques for insurance producers and insurance company field representatives. He has trained thousands of producers, helping new producers get a jump start and advanced producers break through barriers and get to the next level of production and business success. He has worked with numerous carriers to help them fine tune strategies, streamline their departments, assist their field staff more effectively manage their agency plant, evaluate and train their personnel, and position them as partners and “go to” markets with their target high growth agents.

Sought After Speaker

A much sought after, and featured speaker and seminar leader Rich has also been invited, on numerous occasions, as a guest speaker at national and regional agency/broker retreats, planning meetings, and sales meetings. He has spoken at numerous industry meetings and conventions including IIAB, PIA, NASBP, and Assurex Global Partners. He has also spoken outside the insurance industry many times, to manufacturers, technology firms, professional sports franchises – and many other segments of the business world, helping other industries learn to be more effective by taking lessons from insurance industry best practices. He has authored several sales articles for various insurance publications, including Best’s Review. He produced, and is featured in a best selling audio selling skills series, and has written several eBooks, as well as been featured in podcasts aimed at helping producers sell more effectively, and helping sales managers better hire, develop and retain successful producers.

16 Years In The Insurance Industry

Sixteen highly successful years in the insurance industry has allowed Rich to gain extremely valuable experience and enjoy many significant achievements, all of which he has translated into clear, actionable ideas and blueprints for agents and key managers to follow – which he eagerly shares in his public seminars, his in-house consulting, his writing and his many public speaking engagements.

Decade Of Consulting

Over a decade of consulting has provided Rich an opportunity to work with many clients, ranging from some of the largest insurance carriers, national brokers, large regional agencies to small, single office local agencies. He has worked with hundreds of agencies owners, trained thousands of producers. Prior to joining the consulting arm of a large national carrier, Rich worked in a number of industries outside of insurance, and had many Fortune 1000 clients, giving him a unique understanding and perspective of a variety of business models, business challenges, and strategies and solutions for better top line revenue growth and bottom line results. Rich’s civic involvement has included numerous board positions on chambers of commerce, colleges and non profit organizations, a variety of social and community causes, and youth sports coaching activity.

Working With Agents & Brokers

Working with agents and brokers has been Rich’s passion and interest. His unique perspective, depth of experience in sales, management, and strategic planning, and his charismatic, client centered approach to business and individual development has helped train thousands of agents to sell and underwrite risks more effectively, unseat competitors, generate referrals, target market, create program business opportunities, and profitably grow their book. Recognizing Rich’s depth of knowledge and experience of the agency side of the business, several carriers have hired Rich to train their field underwriters, their underwriting/call center staff, and assist senior managers roll out new products, and engage in more effective agency management and growth partnering strategies. He has directed agency owners in succession planning, acquisition due diligence, securing funding, and many other M&A activity, including integrating unique and often very diverse cultures, building a new, and better team foundation.

Results Oriented Approach

Rich’s results oriented approach focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals. He brings to his individual and corporate clients a wealth of knowledge and experience, having successfully managed and developed people (sales staff, operations staff, and functional support departments), directed many major domestic and international projects, and achieved phenomenal business success with, and for his employers and his clients over the years. A common thread in his career has been as a student – and subsequent master of professional selling, and whether it involves helping producers double their book, or selling owners and managers on new practices, new business models, and new ways of thinking, his mastery of the art and science of selling becomes quickly apparent to his students and clients.

Helping Agents Get Better Sales

Each year Rich helps hundreds of agents and brokers get better sales results with his various selling skills programs. His most popular public seminars, which he conducts for groups of agents and brokers in the U.S. and Canada, provide a comprehensive overview of what it takes to be successful selling in today’s competitive environment and fragile economy. His highly interactive teaching style provides producers with numerous opportunities to practice and refine their skills and techniques. Producers learn how to generate more referrals and build a referral network, how to make better sales presentations, how to handle objections and how to close the sale. He encourages producers to take personal responsibility for their results and become better self-managers. Seminar participants consistently give Rich’s training programs excellent marks, and indicate the material is relevant and immediately applicable. Helping producers reach their 5 year book/sales goals in 2 years or less, and helping new entrants into the world of sales dramatically shorten the learning curve, validate their salary and/or draw early in the process, and land (then leverage for referrals) major clients quickly are regular outcomes for seminar participants and Rich’s in-house sales development program clients.

Rich’s sales management consulting activities include working with sales managers and management teams to help them build their sales organizations and become more effective sales managers. He helps clients create, implement, and monitor sales plans, identify sales opportunities, better leverage their organizations’ sales strengths, develop solutions to their organizational weaknesses, and get better sales results for the entire sales team. Rich teaches managers how to become better sales coaches, how to track and evaluate sales performance, how to conduct more meaningful sales meetings, and how to increase the sales orientation of the entire organization. He views effective sales management as a critical component for sustained business success, and observes that for a sales focused industry, it is one of the weakest points in most agent, broker, and carrier business models!

Carrier & Agent Partnering

Clients also benefit from Rich’s unique perspective of carrier/agent partnering, methods of negotiating and maintaining win-win relationships, navigating the fluctuating underwriting standards, weathering financial rating hits, and being successful in a highly competitive, and at times chaotic insurance distribution marketplace. Rich’s role with a domestic carrier had him leading a 26 office field organization to take a $100mm book of business that had taken 40 years to build, and doubling that book in just five years. In his time working for a global insurance carrier, Rich traveled extensively internationally, to London, Zurich, New Delhi, and all over the U.S., working to leverage a global insurance platform, identify global best practices, and find cost savings and efficiency opportunities in very complex departments and organizations, building consistency in practices and a stable foundation for a carrier that had grown largely from acquisition. He brings those global ideas, and strategies locally to help them better compete in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.

Rich’s talent rests in helping others develop to their true potential, clarify business goals, build the plan and support systems required, and develop the skills necessary to achieve those goals. Summit provides Rich the vehicle to pursue his passion, and that, in turn, gives clients an opportunity to gain an edge, and a competitive advantage.


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